Recruit -Assist
The specialist tool to
manage the hiring
process for digital skills.
Here is why we are such a great choice
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We will match-make better
than ANY tool out there

The tool will help you make the right job
description to begin with. And give you free
questions across skills to scientifically screen
candidates. And also compare their scores.
Whats more - you can also customize the
assessment exactly to your needs.
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Hire like a
professional football team

Assemble at will. Build the right mix of
inhouse full time and freelance talent. Use
our special 'Next 2 weeks' platform to reach
out to people who are available to get jobs
done in two weeks flat.
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Access to
pre-assessed talent

We organize the WEB-SAT (The Web skills Assessment
Test) every month which is taken by web skilled
professionals in search of both full time and freelance
jobs. We offer recruiters access to the latest scores of
this test. We have also partnered with the best database
portals to help you reach out to the best talent.
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Track your effort
and make better decisions

Hiring for digital skills has become a multi pronged
approach involving social media, recruitment database
portals and Specialist job sites. If you are able to track
which sources are leading to better views, applications
and final closures, you would be able to take better
recruiting decisions - its as simple as that.
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Save loads of time

We have made it super-convenient to do the most
common tasks around hiring. Emailing, Candidate
sorting and Comparative analysis of candidates
- we have got it all covered.
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Benefit from
crowd sourcing

Leverage on all the new questions users
are putting in. All questions are put in a
central repository which can be used by
anyone who is using the tool.
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Test for Flair
apart from current skills

In a lot of scenarios (for example when recruiting
for interns), one needs to check for flair while
recruiting. And our question Bank can handle
this with ease.
At Web-Stepup, we go to great lengths to ensure that your hiring process is flawless. Our solutions and products are most suited for categories where digital is the foundation of operations - like digital agencies, marketing and tech departments, web tool companies and e-commerce sites. If you fall in any of these, you gotta check our product !
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