A Review of LinkedIn Recruiter: What Recruiters Can Expect From This Recruitment Platform

A Review of LinkedIn Recruiter

If you’re a recruiter – or even a job-seeker – you’re probably already aware that there are dozens of job sites and recruiting sites out there on the World Wide Web. And that, no matter which side you’re charging from (i.e., from the recruitment side or the job-seeking side), you’ve probably signed up for the use of multiple accounts.

However, there’s hardly a single person out there who does not know about or use LinkedIn. In fact, one might very well find that job searches and recruitments are easier to succeed at in LinkedIn more than anywhere else. (Well, at least, it is if you’ve designed your LinkedIn profile well. But that’s beyond the point of this article.) Hence, it’s also not uncommon for both recruiters and job-seekers to upgrade their account to a Premium LinkedIn account after a while either.

Now, coming to recruitment: In contrast to LinkedIn’s upgraded account which has added features like Inmail and Profile Organizer, among others, and LinkedIn also has a recruitment platform called LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn complement each other and also compete with each other as recruitment social media account.

So the question arises: Is LinkedIn Recruiter a good platform to invest in to fulfill your recruitment needs?

Well, to help your viewpoint (and decision) along, here’s what you can expect from having a subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter:

LinkedIn Recruiter’s Subscription is Annual:

 This is a pertinent point mainly when considering the LinkedIn Premium account.

LinkedIn’s upgraded Premium account requires monthly subscription. However, LinkedIn Recruiter requires a yearly subscription. So, small business users especially, who are already using LinkedIn’s Premium account, might find the one time yearly payment a hefty amount to pay at once.

However, LinkedIn Recruiter has a host of useful tools that will only enhance a LinkedIn Premium account holder’s ability to recruit. So the choice is between deciding whether the extra cost delivers on its recruiting potential or not for the concerned user.

LinkedIn Recruiter Offers the Complete LinkedIn Database of Candidates:

 Even with a Premium Likedin account, when you do a search, the closest results you get are those who fall within your 1st and 2nd degree connections, as well as those whom you share a group with, as well as a few 3rd degree connections.

However, you only get a minimal amount of results that are beyond this circle. And often, you lose out on much better prospects. Plus, even if you do find potential candidates through such searches, you still have limited views of their profiles. And since you have a limited number of Inmails to use, it can become a guessing game of whether or not you should contact the potential candidate.

However, LinkedIn Recruiter actually offers you the entire smorgasbord of candidates that are available in LinkedIn. You can still filter your results, of course. But the results that you get for your search will easily include candidate profiles and their many details, irrespective of whether or not they’re anywhere near your circle of LinkedIn connections.

You Can Keep Track of Candidate Profile Statuses on LinkedIn Recruiter:

 LinkedIn Recruiter offers you the feature to add statuses, notes, and tasks related to the candidate profiles that you’ve picked out. For instance, in the case of marking statuses, you can mark several candidate profiles under the status of “Applied”, “Contacted”, or even “Do Not Contact”. Notes and Tasks can likewise be added to candidate profiles in order to help you keep track many profiles you’re considering (or even not considering!).

LinkedIn Recruiter Provides the Feature to Send Bulk Inmails:

 Again, this is a feature that is mostly appreciated when comparing it to LinkedIn’s own Inmail limitations.

Now, LinkedIn’s Inmail is cut above other job-related sites due to the easy personalization and ability for attachments in the Inmails. However, you have no option to send the same Inmail to a large number of people. Rather, you’ll have to copy the message (and any additional attachments) into separate Inmails in order to send them to each candidate. And that can take up a lot of time, especially if you have about a hundred or so profiles to contact.

LinkedIn Recruiter overcomes this roadblock by giving you the ability to send Inmails in bulk to various candidates on LinkedIn, making it a 5-minute task instead of seemingly endless and tedious one.

So, yes, LinkedIn recruiter has a number of features that will make recruiting a much easier and fruitful task. And the recruitment operational ease of the platform easily makes it ideal for HR personnel and departments especially. So it’s entirely up to you to first define your needs and then see if LinkedIn Recruiter is the tool you need.

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