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Why Facebook Is A Better Avenue For Candidate Sourcing And Recruiting Than Linkedin

LinkedIn is the social media network that usually takes precedence when one thinks of recruiting potential job candidates. However, while LinkedIn’s a good sourcing tool, as a recruiter, one should not underestimate the potential of Facebook as a sourcing tool either. For, while you’ll get more complete professional profiles (on potential hires) on LinkedIn, Facebook […]

How To Recruit Top Technical Talent When You Are A Startup or A Small Business Enterprise

Recruiting for top technical talent can be a cut-throat occupation. And that is especially true now when tech startups and Internet companies are cropping up anywhere and everywhere. Plus, it’s not just the tech-related businesses that are looking for great technical talent; all the companies out there need sound tech teams in today’s technology-run business […]

Uber Judgement: The Implications for Companies Hiring Freelancers

The modern day recruitment process has changed, not the least of which is the improved outlook of companies towards hiring freelancers. Compared to the traditional way of only hiring people to work in-house, having freelancers on aboard is now regarded beneficial – not just due to the massive cost reduction (mainly in terms of specialized […]