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How To Hire Digital Experts Like A Pro

Digital professionals are in great demand in this tech-driven industry. However, in the current scenario, no matter what digital position you might be looking for, chances are that a simple recruitment search will turn up more results than you could handle. However, to be able to hire a competent digital expert for any post, it […]

The 7 Sins Of Recruiting Digital Professionals

When looking to hire a digital professional, there a number of practices that recruiters employ that damage their chances of getting suitable candidates. Here are seven of which, you should un-follow from your hiring process: 1) Thou Shalt Not Demand Instant Profiles Digital experts are not the starving artists and musicians of old. Most of […]

Hiring and Employing Remote Talent: The Legal Aspects

In technical terms, “Remote Talent” refers to a skilled individual who works from a location outside the office. They are often independent workers who may be hired on a short-term, long-term, or even permanent basis, but will most likely not be physically attending the actual office or business location. Further, most remote talent will work […]

How to Effectively Assess A Freelancer Before You Hire One

When you are looking to hire a freelancer in the current digital scenario, you will find a dozen or more profiles that look to match your requirements. However, it is likely that you’ll find the reality of that suitability quite different once you hire them. Although some of those instances can be the fault of […]

Guidelines Regarding The Employment of Freelancers In Your Business

So you have started a company – well, is everything running smoothly? Most likely, it isn’t yet, since there are many aspects in running a business that are far from easy to handle:  Tight schedules, packed sessions, peak sales hours, pressures regarding time-sensitive deliveries and mass-bulk orders, and so many more such innumerable situations. However, […]

Choosing The Right Freelancer For Managing Your Social Media

When you look to hire a freelance social media manager, you’ll realize just how many candidates are there are for you to pick from. And it’s very important that you choose a hire that suits your business needs. Luckily, there are ways in which you can ensure that: Always Interview Your Candidates For one method, […]