Choosing The Right Freelancer For Managing Your Social Media

Choosing The Right Freelancer For Managing Your Social Media

When you look to hire a freelance social media manager, you’ll realize just how many candidates are there are for you to pick from. And it’s very important that you choose a hire that suits your business needs. Luckily, there are ways in which you can ensure that:

Always Interview Your Candidates

For one method, consider having a chat interview and a video interview with your potential candidates. Since, this will give you a chance to hear their “voice”, which is most likely what they will be using on social media when they interact on your behalf.

The basic idea behind this is that you should have interacted with them at least once before you hire your social media manager. Plus, an added benefit is that, when you decide to chat with them online via chats or video calls, you also get to see their competence with such media – which, in turn, will let you see their technological competence when it comes to social media

Follow Your Potential Candidates’ Social Media Accounts

Join their band of followers, friends, and/or connections in order to check out how they interact online, and how often. This will again give you an idea about their voice and their level of etiquette while interacting online. You can also see if their interests and knowledge naturally match those of your job requirement.

The way your hires behave on social media would be as good as how your company or business will be viewed online. Hence, assessing whether their style and interactions are something you want associated with your business  is essential. Of course, a social media manager will know how to interact online with a different “voice” when necessary. But online etiquette usually remains the same – which is why following your candidates and gauging their online interactive style is imperative to deciding the perfect hire.

Also, judging by their online posts and shares, you’ll also know the topics and areas of interest that they are most passionate about and knowledgeable in. And that, in turn, will be an essential point to consider, especially when you’re hiring a social media manager for content and brands that have a more intellectual lean.

Judge Their Actual Competence via Old Work Samples or by Assigning Them a Trial Task

Ask them for content samples – either what they’ve written/uploaded/posted before, or something they’ve generated based on the content or theme you want them to work on. (Or any other kind of related test will do here as well.) You’ll see their competence level and ability to create with this.

Creative competency is a major criteria when it comes to choosing a social media manager. And, no matter how good their profile might look, or how well they interact in an interview, it is what they actually create online that determines their suitability for the post. In fact, a lot of the best social media managers out there are often introverted in personality (though, of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule). Hence, such candidates might even seem lackluster in an interview and/or their profile might seem understated, but the way they vibe and create content online could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Gauge Their Understanding of the Requirements of the Job and Encourage Questions

See if they ask you questions when you explain what you want for your business and its image on social media. Depending on their questions, you can gauge whether they’re grasping the concept of what your brand or online profile is all about. Plus, the asking of such questions signifies their interest and eagerness to relate to and understand your requirements; and such interest is essential to garner engagement from online audiences. And, since engagement is what social media is all about, it’s easy to see why this is an important consideration when hiring a social media manager.

On the other hand, in case they don’t ask questions, ask a few yourself to see whether they understood what you were trying to convey. Then ask a few more – aiming for as conversational a tone as possible – to ensure you’re on the same page. For, professionally, some candidates may not ask questions until they actually see what they have to contend with, and others may simply think it formal etiquette not to bombard you with questions before they even start.

In either case, though, questions and conversations about the job, what you expect, as well as inviting suggestions from the candidate, will all help you gauge their understanding of the job’s requirements. And, it will help you see if you and your potential hire are on the same page.

Use any two or more of the above methods, and you’ll be well on your way to hiring a great freelancer to manage your social media.

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