Hiring Professional Web Designers – A Firm Step towards Brand Building


Hiring Professional Web Designers

Web designing is a procedure of presenting the desired content on web pages, which are accessed through the Internet. Web design is a term generally used to explain the design process relating to the client-end design of a website, which also includes writing mark up. There are many elements which should be considered while designing a web page such as page layout, colour, graphics, fonts and content.

The main process of creating a website includes planning, strategy and creativity. The designer should also consider information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation and images before designing a website.

Before you proceed to hire a professional web designer, it is important that you understand what a web designer does and the skill sets that a web designer must possess.

 What does a web designer do?

The main job of a web designer is to build websites according to the company or user’s requirements. He should keep in mind the concept, goals and preferences. A web designer should also be creative as well as technically inclined to build a good and visually appealing page. The main role of a web designer is to format the layout of a website to accommodate elements, designing the page layout, determining the technical requirements, creating backup files, updating the websites and solving code problems. Web designers should always keep themselves up to date with web accessibility guidelines.

What skill set should recruiters want in a web designer?

Technical Design Skills

Irrespective of whether a web designer is an undergraduate or a graduate, he should have knowledge of designing methodology and compatible technologies and software. Knowledge of design software like Photoshop and Illustrator, knowledge of web design software like FrontPage, WordPress, and DreamWeaver, knowledge of GIF animations and Flash animations, and a variety of other tools, should be part of the candidate’s skillset. However, even if they know only one in a category of software, that’s still valid as most of these software (that are similar in function) can be learned as long as one has a base.

The best way to test a potential web designing candidate though, is to give them a design task, or to simply check out their design portfolio.

Programming Knowledge

Now, since this post you’re hiring for is for web design and not web development, programming knowledge won’t be the first priority. However, at least a basic amout of familiarity with CSS, HTML  and Java would be a definite added advantage for a web designer, as it can help in building attractive web pages. A good web designer should hence have essential programming skills because they architect how a page will appear on the Internet, and it is their programming skills that will help them to showcase their own designs on the Web.

A Keen Understanding of Practical and Aesthetic User Interface Design

A web designer needs to understand how to make the website functional, user friendly and search engine friendly. A good designer needs a sound working knowledge of basic HTML. It would also be an added advantage if the designer has an experience of programming tools such as Photoshop and Dream Weaver, Flash, CSS, Javascript, .Net frameworks, Ajax, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, XML, SEO and server management.

Designers use a combination of the above mentioned tools depending upon the requirements of the client. They should also know the latest trends in designing web pages and try to update themselves with the skill set required.

Understanding of Business Goals

Recruiters need web designers to add unique brand value for their website by simple, functional, accessible and usable features in the website. And the design, functionality, and layout of the site is in direct reflection of the brand it is promoting. Hence, a web designer should also understand the world of business and the goals a business needs to reach. The recruiter should also ensure that, after a web designer is hired, that he or she (or the team) needs to have a thorough understanding of the company’s own uniques business goals so that they can design around the brand accordingly.

Now, let us take a look at the things to remember before hiring a professional web designer.

Before hiring a web designer, as an employer you should have your requirement detailed out like a blueprint. Make a list of the agencies who specializes in the areas that you are looking forward to work with. This will in turn help you to hire the right candidate, who is competent enough to meet the requirements of your project.

It is always important to decide if you want to hire a part time, full time or a freelance designer.

If you want to hire a freelance web designer, you can always post your requirements in any of the freelancing websites. This will allow you to tap in web designers who prefer the freelance mode rather than a full time job.

Before you hire a designer, you must check if the candidate provides complete copyright of design and content. Also, make sure you own the domain name even if the website designer registered it for you. Usually a good agency or a designer will sign over the intellectual property rights.

Important considerations to hire web designer

After deciding whether to hire a designer through agency or a freelancer, you can schedule an interview with the prospective candidates. During the interview process ask the candidates if they know about SEO and internet marketing. This will help you meet the larger marketing and business goals. Make sure if the designer has an experience of working with the similar requirement earlier.

Hiring of web designer must check the stress level in which they can work. This will help them meet deadline and complete project in time and budget.

It is essential to check with the candidates if they will be maintaining the website after designing. If the designer will not be maintaining the site, make sure if they can design the site which can be easily maintained by others like the business owner.

Your webpage is very important for the success of your business. Make sure you hire a candidate who understand the business idea, target niche and implements the same while making a site. The output or the webpage will reflects your business, and provide with long term branding options.


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