How To Hire Digital Experts Like A Pro

Hire Digital Experts Like A Pro

Digital professionals are in great demand in this tech-driven industry. However, in the current scenario, no matter what digital position you might be looking for, chances are that a simple recruitment search will turn up more results than you could handle. However, to be able to hire a competent digital expert for any post, it isn’t enough to just find a repository of profiles that seem to match and then take those candidates forward. Rather, in order to hire digital professionals that actually fulfill the needs of a post adequately, there’s a lot more you need to do regarding your recruitment practices.

And, despite the seemingly overwhelming number of digital roles and related digital profiles multiplying on job sites, you can still hire digital experts like a maestro. And here’s how:

1) Market Your Job Offer To Competent Digital Experts

When you start a search for a certain digital job role and turn up a practical reservoir of profiles, don’t get complacent. That reservoir you’re so proud of may have one to five suitable candidates at best. And those competent ones won’t be interested in your job if all you send them is the job profile and demand their resume by the end of the day.

These digital professionals aren’t termed “experts” for nothing. They have the experience and, most importantly, they have the know-how. And consequently, they also know how to generate demand for their services if need be. So, the only way you can actually snag these candidates is if you make the job something they want to take up. Hence, market your job to these candidates; treat it like a product you want them to pick up. That will have a better chance of getting you the expert candidates you’re looking for.

2) Craft the Job Description Carefully

If you’re looking to hire digital experts, don’t give vague job descriptions that explain next to nothing of what you expect. And don’t ever copy-paste a job description without tweaking it properly to suit your job requirement! Both these practices are unfortunately not that rare. And both of them tell professionals that the company or hiring team for that job offer has no idea what they’re doing. Plus, don’t forget that the digital generation is, at its core, an information and communication driven population. So an uninformative and scant job description is definitely going to make digital experts turn away.

Put up an intelligent and clear job description however, and you’ll catch the eye of the seasoned digital professionals that you’re looking for.

3) Screen Your Candidates

You might get a lot of suitable looking profiles for the digital post you’re trying to hire for. But, under no circumstance should you skip the screening of your potential candidates. You need to evaluate and assess the actual candidate before you hire them. Even if they look like a dream come true on paper. If you’re partial to informal or “coffee shop meet-up” interviews, save it for the final stage and not immediately after liking an online profile.

4) Go The Full Hog For Candidate Assessments

Never limit your assessment to generic questions and a general overall assessment that tells you nothing specific or unique about your digital candidate. Rather, go all the way: Conduct screenings and multiple levels of interviews when necessary, ask in-depth questions and invite questions and suggestions from the candidates as well, and conduct trial tasks that skillfully assess the working competency of the candidate. And then, conduct further assessments for anything else that you think might be relevant to the role you’re hiring for.

Sure, it might seem an arduous process. But it’ll get you great hires.

5) Consider Freelance Canditates

Quite a number of digital experts currently offer their skills on a freelance basis. In fact, this is par for the course for countries like the U.S., and the trend seems to be spreading fast. So, if you aren’t considering freelance candidates as well in your job search, then you’re dipping in the shallow end of the recruitment pool.

Of course, if the post you’re hiring for needs an in-house digital expert and you can’t compromise on that factor, that’s fine. But don’t ignore digital freelancers where you can include them in your recruitment exercise. For, hiring freelancers is indirectly much more inexpensive, and you often pull in a unique set of skills with each digital freelancer you hire – whether that’s on a long-term, short-term, or even permanent basis.

 6) Give Trial Tasks

For certain jobs – especially if you’re hiring for a long-term contract or a project that requires a certain set of indispensable skills – trial tasks for potential hires are essential. In fact, most web professionals are used to such trial tasks and will welcome it. And as this is what will help you test a candidate’s actual working competency, you really shouldn’t overlook this practice.

 7) Use Social Media To Find Candidates

One of the most limiting things you can do is to stick to job portals to find potential candidates. Rather, use job sites as well as various social media sites to find. It’s a big wide world on the Web and you should use every source you can to find the best digital candidates for your recruitment’s.

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