Seven Awesome Reasons You Should Consider Using Our Recruitment Assistant Tool

Web-stepup Recruitment Assistant Tool

With the demand for digital skills in the workplace at an all-time high, and the candidate pool extending to a global level in this age of freelancers and Internet technology, there has never been a time when recruiters needed assistance more to match the right job with the right candidate.

And that is precisely what Web Step-Up’s Recruit-Assist Tool is designed to do: Provide a recruiting tool with extensive recruiting services that will aid recruiters and ease the entire process while still helping them find the right candidates.

So, if you’re a recruiter for any kind of web skill professional, here’s why you should definitely consider using our Recruitment Assistant tool:

1)         We have the best job-candidate matchmaking tool you can find

Recruit-Assist has a large pile of Job Description (JD) templates from which you can choose from. But more than that, these JDs can easily be customized to match your job requirement perfectly – meaning that you have a complete and perfect job description that also doubles as a specified profile for your job requirement. You also have a bank of screening questions you can choose from (which can also be customized), which will further ensure that you get candidates who are the perfect march for your job requirement.

2)         Find anyone: freelancers, full-timer hires, part-time hires, and long-term and short-term      contract employees

No matter what the employee mode that you’re trying to hire, our recruitment assistant tool will help you find them. In fact, if you’re looking for a combination of the above (like, perhaps a combo of full-time employees and freelancers), you’ll find the solution at Recruit-Assist. In short, you can assemble your own team of workers – no matter how varied the contract-time or skills set – with no problem at all. Plus, we also offer a special “Next 2 Weeks” platform that will aid you in finding candidates who are available for a two-week project.

3)         Browse through the pre-assessed test scores of potential candidates for a digital skill hire

We conduct a WEB-SAT test (The WEB Skills Assessment Test) every month where skilled web and digital professionals are assessed and scored. The test candidates consist of candidates looking for both full-time and freelance work. And these scores are something you’ll have access to with our tool; and you can compare the scores of the candidates too.

4)         Track your recruitment efforts to better organize your recruitment processes and strategies

Finding candidates for web and digital skill hires involve multiple and simultaneous approaches in order to find the right candidates. Hence, it’s most likely that, as a recruiter, you’ll be searching for candidates along multiple platforms – most commonly trying to harness the talent pool one can find on social media, recruitment databases (on online portals), and even specialist job sites. What our recruitment assistant tool does to help you out here is that it helps you track your recruitment sources to find out which sources get you better views, applications, and final closures. And this, in turn, will help you organize and design your recruitment strategies all the more effectively.

5)         Save time on common recruitment practices

The simplest yet most effective part of our recruitment assistant tool is that it is extremely convenient and easy to use. It takes care of a number of common and important recruitment tasks that would have otherwise taken a huge bite out of your schedule. Some of these services include taking care of emails you have to send, helping you sort through your candidate profiles, and also providing you with a comparative analysis of all your candidates.

6)         Take advantage of the questions used to assess candidates from other recruiters

Crowdsourcing is yet another aspect of our recruitment assessment tool that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. To explain it more extensively: We have a huge database of recruiters using our tool. And these recruiters themselves would have generated and designed a lot of questions (in addition to what the tool provides) that helps them take full advantage of the tool and find the best candidate. And, if you’re a recruiter, also using the tool, then you can make use of these questions from other recruiters (which are stored in our central repository) too.

7)         Assess the flair of a candidate along with his or her current level of technical (web) skills

We have an extensive question bank that recruiters can make use of while looking for candidates. And these questions can help you assess not just the current technical (web/digital) skills of the potential candidates, but also the flair of the candidates you are considering to hire.

Our recruitment tool thus helps to even out the road of your hectic recruitment processes.


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