The Seven Sins of ‘Digital/Web’ Skills Recruitment (And what is Web-Stepup doing about this)

The ten sins of 'digital/web' skills recruitment (And what is Web-Stepup doing about this)

So here goes in no particular order



  • Hurrying up

    placements           This is classic and everyone in the placement business must have heard this one: Its the “Send me some profiles be evening” syndrome. The notion that there is always a repository of profiles which can be lapped up is a myth. The good talent always needs time to consider an employment proposition- It cannot happen till evening. In our scheme of things, we have flipped the model. We believe every company is always ready for relevant and dedicated talent and hence we notify companies when we feel the right kind of talent is there in the market.

  • Scant attention to the JD


This is also classic. You should sense this when a client says “Well, I can write the JD for you but can you put together something”. Hell, don’t write it for us, write it for the job seekers who are screaming for getting clarity on what they might do for the next 2-3 years. Pls get this right – Just like a software project, we will go downhill if this is not in place. That’s why at Web-Stepup we have an evolving repository of JD’s across skills and across levels. 

  • Not spending enough time screening candidates

screening candidate

Or The ‘Let’s just meet at a coffee place’ syndrome. Without applying the right filter, you may be wasting your time and, of course, the candidate’s time. Our tool has free screening questions which can be customized by recruiters.

  • Not doing a detailed fitment check


 It’s not about capability, it’s about the fitment. And that today is a function of things like flair, capability, previous projects, creativity, and overall psychometric assessment. Do we need to add that we take care of all these when candidates are evaluated?

  • Not considering freelancers

freelance-india In the US for example, a third of the professional task force is already freelancing. So if you are not considering freelancers, you are missing out on that huge chunk of talent. Also, before you jump on to say that freelancers are unnecessarily expensive, would like to say that in the long term if you consider indirect costs, it will be turn out to be less expensive than full-time employees. Here is the data for that. We are not saying that you use freelancers for everything, but a majority of tasks are potential candidates for being done remotely – so think about it.

  • Not asking for trial when it’s OK to ask for one

contract       For long term freelancing contracts, web skilled professionals are fine with a trial.              You just need to ask once.

  • Relying on just database portals

job search

 Just like the billboards, the eyes of the job seekers are trained to avoid the emails sent by over-eager recruiters on the job portals. Recruiting from different and diverse sources is the way forward – so email database, social media, and campus boards – All of them need to figure in your job promotion plan. Out tool in fact actually tells you which source is working for you – in terms of job views, applicants, and final conversions.

Ok, we are guilty of using ‘our tool’ a bit too much above. You want to see ‘our tool’? Just head to The Recruit-Assist tool helps recruiters to made JD’s, customize screening questions, track sources, and reach out to our assessed private talent network.



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