The Web Step-Up Match-Making Technology : A Peek Into What Helps Us Make Great Job-Candidate Matches

A Peek Into What Helps Us Make Great Job-Candidate Matches

Web Step-Up’s Recruit-Assist tool is one that helps recruiters find, sort through, organize, and close on fantastic candidates that are just the right fit for their web skills hire.

On a more expansive note, here are the features of the Web Step-Up platform and technology that make it such a great job-candidate match making tool:

Extensive and Customizable Job Description Templates

 Web Step-Up has a huge repository of JD (Job Description) templates for a variety of job requirements. And, as a recruiter on our platform, you can not only choose one for your job requirement, but also easily customize your chosen template to ensure that the profile matches your specifications and standards. This, predictably, makes it much more efficient at gaining candidates for the job description. The well-structured format has all the relevant details that will help gain a potential candidate’s interest in the job.

Availability of a Large Bank of Screening Questions

 Hiring for digital skills or web skills can be tricky – not least because of how inter-related the posts are, but the sheer extensiveness of and blurring of lines between the various skills. Hence, an old and apparent set of screening questions nowadays is not very useful: It will, at best, be generic in its assessment.

That’s where Web Step-Up helps with its giant bank of screening questions: Here, recruiters can find a fantastic supply of screening questions for practically any skill, thereby allowing the recruiter to more deeply assess a candidate and consequently choose better matches for the job because of it. And, again, the recruiter can customize these questions as they wish.

Facilitates the Advanced Assessment of Candidates

 Recruiters will find that Web Step-Up provides them with a comparative analysis of their candidates – as they require them, and for all skills that they’re hiring for. This, in turn, saves the recruiter oodles of time on comparing the candidates themselves. And they can also much more easily see the strengths, limitations, and appropriateness of the candidates for a particular job requirement (which, in turn, helps them match candidates to a job that much better).

Extremely Easy, Convenient, and Quick Creation of JDs (Job Descriptions)

 Creating a job profile for a particular requirement is as easy as a pie with Web Step-Up’s technology. In fact, if you don’t have many (or only a few) customizations or changes to make regarding the job in the JD template that you’ve chosen, you can have the job profile ready in just two minutes flat with Web Step-Up’s tech platform.

Gain Access to a Network of Freelancers

 Web Step-Up allows recruiters the option to find every kind of employee – from full-time workers to freelancers. Especially freelancers! For, with web skills mostly falling in the territory of freelance workers today, Web Step-Up’s platform pays special attention to freelancers. Hence, whether you, as a recruiter, are looking to assemble a team of both freelancers and other candidates – or even if you want an entire team of freelancers – then you can easily find them with Web Step-Up’s technology.

In fact, few recruitment tools give freelance candidates the amount of priority and attention that Web Step-Up does. And consequently, recruiters also get to dig into global talent, as freelance candidates are not limited by geographical constraints (especially in the realm of digital skills).

Hence, recruiting using Web Step-Up’s platform will enable you to access an entire network of freelancers. And, the special platform on Web Step-Up allows you to recruit candidates for two-week projects (alone) as well.

Consequently, pulling in the freelance candidate pool to the extent that Web Step-Up has, additionally improves the chance of finding the right candidate for your job requirement.

See the Web Quotient of Candidates with Their WEB-SAT Test Scores

 Web Step-Up actually conducts a monthly assessment test of their own: WEB-SAT (The Web Skills Assessment Test). And candidates looking for job, be it freelancers, full-time workers, part-time workers, as well as workers available for two-week projects can take the test. These candidates are them assessed and scored, the results being referred to as their “Web Quotient.”

Recruiters using Web Step-U’s technology will be able to see these scores. And hence, they’ll have something other than their screening questions to use when they’re trying to assess a candidate for a job.

This web quotient measures the competency of a candidate in web/digital skills, thereby making it easier for recruiters to match candidates to the web skill they are recruiting for.

Hence, Web Step-Up’s technology is among the best matchmaking tools there is when it comes to matching candidates to job requirements.

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