ZipRecruiter vs Indeed: Comparison for Recruiters

ZipRecruiter is one of the forerunners in job board and job distribution service. It is a web-based platform which aggregates applications into categories from job boards to provide helpful tools for applicant screening and tracking. This service is based on subscription- for employers, recruiting firms, and staffing agencies.

The services on ZipRecruiter, like search and application process are free and available to all job seekers. This helps job lookers, hunt the ground well and connect to relevant employers.

On other hand, Indeed is the world’s leading job site, and a top external hiring source for employers. Recruiters get targeted aspirants for numerous kinds of positions.

Unlike other sites, that costs a fixed amount in spite of results. The pay per click PPC pricing on Indeed means you pay only for performance. And applicants have complete flexibility as there are no contracts or long term commitments.


Development of ZipRecruiter

 ZipRecruiter offers different plans to cater to employers needs and includes options for starter, for teams as well as enterprises. It provides mobile app as well. Different plans provide different number of job slots. If you are on a ZipRecruiter plan with three job slots, you can post all three jobs on any given day and substitute them with another different job the next day without adding more slots. You can freely swap jobs in and out of these slots by closing and posting jobs as and when required.

ZipRecruiter distributes jobs to more than 100+ Partner sites, websites and social networks on the Internet. They keep adding more job boards and sources of job seeker traffic to expand the audience for your job postings.

Jobs are posted to these 100+ partner sites in one of following ways:

    • Jobs are automatically distributed via job feeds to their more traditional partners.
    • You can handpick which Social Networks to post the jobs through the account, which depends on prime factor of demographics. Twitter posts can be automated with a single authentication.
    • You can select specific jobs to post to Monster for an additional fee.

 Indeed making its way

 There are three main ways with which recruiters can use Indeed for maximum benefits and term.

Free Job Posting – To make a job posting for free, create an account with indeed, fill in your pertinent job information, and then post it.

Organic Search – If you have your job posting formatted correctly and planned for search engines crawl, there is a good chance, that Indeed will pull in your job posting automatically to link on the page.

Sponsored Job Posting – If you do a sponsored posting, you will pay $.25 – $1.50 per-click (subject to policy change). Sponsored ads attain top results in the search. Sometimes, recruiters can sponsor a posting on the site or the one which is directly posted by Indeed.

Both ZipRecruiter and Indeed offer free as well as paid services which cater to different requirements of employees. However, ZipRecruiter does not support CareerBuilder and Monster, two popular names in the online recruitment world. Though, such additional services (if required) can be availed in exchange of a cost.

Choosing ZipRecruiter over Indeed as Preferred Recruitment Channel

One advantage of using ZipRecruiter can be that most of job posting fee is waived off. The platform has user-friendly interface which is simplified and makes recruiting process systematic. Recruiters can avail both phone and email support for queries, job postings, price and plans. Similarly, it has proved very helpful for job applicants too.

According to recruiters, ZipRecruiter has a well-planned job posting service, which is a good option for hiring process. With this job posting solution, you can effectively upload job ads, organize candidate responses and ease communication. These facilities simplify the process of screening and selecting a suitable candidate as per requirement and adding to the workforce. In case the application tracking system isn’t available with the company, then ZipRecruiter can be integrated with in-house application of the company’s tracking system.

Indeed making recruiters feel the need

According to many job seekers and recruiters, Indeed is a preferred channel for recruitment and its advanced search functions. These features are built in Boolean method to facilitate specific searches like pay scale, geographic radius, skill requirement and more.

Indeed has a strong foot in the Asian countries, making it a preferable source for manpower hunting. It offers a unique ‘Job Alerts’ feature which is quite useful for aspirants since it helps them save the search time online, for a particular job.

Recruiters can certainly ensure reasonable quality of skilled and semi-skilled applicants, in bulk quantity through these portals. According to a survey done among recruiters, Indeed and ZipRecruiter emerged as valuable and affordable platforms to recruit mid- to senior-level people. Both the job planks have positioned well in terms of providing adequate and experienced manpower for long term.